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Layout and Design

Four Star Fabricators understands your products need and will assist you in determining your specific requirements for each job. We can work from your drawings, sketches or samples to produce your requirements for each job. All drawings will be done on AutoCAD 2000. All parts to be burned will utilize AutoCAD 2000 and CNC software, which is specifically designed for two-axis profile cutting which, produces a consistent and uniform part.

Shop and Equipment
Following is a list of some of our shop and equipment resources:

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  • All Terrain Mobile Cranes
    10 Ton - 50 Ton

  • 12 Overhead Cranes
    5 Ton - 25 Ton

Overhead Cranes

  • 2 Forklifts
    6,000 lb - 8,000 lb

  • 3 Tractors

  • 6 Trailers

  • 1 Straight Truck with Tilt Bed

  • Shearing
    Up to 5/8" thick x 12' Wide

  • Roundo Plate Roll
    Up to 5/8" Thick x 8' Wide

  • Angle Rolling
    Up to 4" x 4" x 3/8" Length


  • 135 Ton Press


  • 500 Ton Press

500 Ton Press

750 Ton Press


  • 750 Ton Press


  • Iron Worker and Angle Clip
    For Hole Punching in Plate and Beam

  • ESAB (CNC Controlled) Burning Machine
    with 6 Torches and Plasma



ESAB Burn Machine


  • Trennjaeger Metal Cold Saw


  • Wilton Vertical Band Saw


  • DoAll High Speed Automatic Feed Saw


  • Complete Machine Shop
    With VBM Engine Lathe Saws, Thread Machine and
    Hollow Core Stem Lathe


  • Over 50 Welding Machines
    With Weld Capability in Stainless Steel, A -36 (Mild Steel) and Aluminum

  • 12 Complete Fitting Stations
    For Preassembly Prior to Weld Out

  • All welding done by certified welders per project application.

Certified Welders

P.O. BOX 67    PETERSBURG, IN    47567
(812) 354-9995     FAX (812) 354-3809


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We do not collect or share any information with outside parties.